3 Great Tasting, Healthy, & Portable Snacks

Eating right is anything but easy. Our crazy lives leave us little time to prepare gourmet meals – much less eat and enjoy them – on the go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great-tasting, healthy, and portable snacks that keep you burning fat and building muscle. Read on for one of my favorites!

Whey protein powder and oats are (or should be) a staple in your kitchen. They’re healthy AND convenient, providing 20-25 grams of muscle-building protein, fiber, and slow digesting carbohydrates for long lasting energy. And they’re more versatile than most people realize. Here are some quick ways to enjoy protein and oats to keep you looking and feeling your best – even when time is tight.

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The Stand-By

Take a Ziploc bag or dry shaker cup (you can use any jar or cup with a lid, including a small mason jar!) and fill it with whey protein, oats, and some chopped or broken up nuts. Leave everything DRY – this is important. Left dry, this “safety” snack can be kept in your car, your bag, your locker, or your desk…for weeks at a time. All you have to do is add cold water and shake when it’s time to consume!

You can play with different protein flavors and nut combinations for variety and taste: try banana protein with pecans, strawberry protein with macadamia nuts, or chocolate and almonds just to name a few. You can even mix banana and chocolate protein powders – delicious!

The Cobbler

We could call this one “Powerfood Pie”, since every single ingredient is a Superfood. It doesn’t get any healthier than this. And not many things taste better either! This one requires about 3 minutes of prep-time. In a portable dish, combine the following:

  1. Oats
  2. Protein powder (banana in picture)
  3. Frozen blueberries
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Nuts (macadamia in picture)
  6. Cocoa Nibs
  7. Unsweetened shredded coconut flakes
  8. Almond butter
  9. Unsweetened almond milk

Use just enough liquid to moisten everything – too much liquid and you’ll ruin everything by turning it into a soup. Be patient and add as little liquid as possible while mixing into a cake-batter or cookie dough consistency. Try not to go back for seconds…

The Quicker Cobbler

Like the previous snack, use protein powder, oats, and a very small amount of unsweetened almond milk. You’ll also be adding broken up pieces of a 100% Cocoa Bar – yes CHOCOLATE! (We discussed this secret health food HERE)