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I don’t have to tell you the benefits of exercise.

You don’t need to be told again that you have to live a healthy life, eat a balanced diet, exercise…

We hear it everywhere. The facts are in and the reality is this: If you don’t have fitness goals or if you don’t know how to reach them—even if the bar seems too high and you don’t know where to start—you need help.

Do You Understand The Benefits Of Exercise And Nutrition?

Of course you do.

Again, you’ve heard it over and over…the scientifically proven results of a sedentary lifestyle filled with poor food choices and inactivity:

Heart Attack. Stroke. Metabolic Syndrome. High Blood Pressure. Diabetes…

The list goes on.

FREE Tip: Don’t Waste Your Time and Money On…

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make – Buying a Fitness Guide or Book!


There are hundreds of them out there.

Guides, ebooks, DIY programs, webpages filled with advice, clones of popular training programs, programs themselves that you buy into…even exercise equipment that you can get that promises instant results with a proven plan.

Chances are that a book is not going to help you. A “guide” isn’t going to help you. A training program that you buy online that is shipped to your front door isn’t going to help you.

Why not?

Because Exercise Is Not a One Size Fits All Solution

Everyone is different.

You need to have a conversation with an expert fitness coach who can help you determine realistic goals and develop training that is designed just for you.

People respond to training stimuli differently. People react to different training programs differently.

You need to talk to a LOCAL expert that can help you set goals and teach you the best way to reach them.

Don’t Fall For Another Pre-Packaged Plan Created By Someone You Don’t Know

We’re going to lump all of these things together to make it simple:

Exercise websites, online articles, blog posts, eBooks, plans you order, books, guides, diet manuals…

All of the products you see are inferior to communicating with a local expert that can help you reach your goals.

You need one on one interaction, analysis of your goals, personalized training conversations, analysis, and advice. This type of guidance is right around the corner. You don’t need to waste your money on a book.

Join a Local Fitness Community with Expert Support

We are a community that is focused on fitness. We are welcoming, supportive, and we can provide the expert guidance you need.

Nobody does it alone! You are going to need support to reach your goals.

It’s the weak man (or woman) who tries to do it alone. The strong person seeks expert counsel and guidance. Our expert coaches and our members work with each other, together to help support everyone. We want to be there for you.

Tell Us Your Goals

We Will Help You Reach Them

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: You Sign Up – Right now, for $1 per day, you can sign up for an UNLIMITED access membership with House of Strength. You get access to everything from our awesome local community.

Step 2: You Pick Your Class – Currently, we are running two classes that you can participate in for $1 per day. Pick your class and pick the time that works best for you. Talk to us for more information!

** Boxing/MMA Class Not available in 21 days for $21 trial **

Step 3: You Experience REAL Results! – Sure, you’ll lose body fat, drop inches, and sculpt that coveted lean, toned muscle everyone wants! BUT, this isn’t JUST about how you look or how you feel. We are going to give you the principles, support, and guidance you need to transform your life. Live longer, live healthier, and improve your happiness.

Step 4: Transform Your Life – The only thing you have to do is try. Give us 21 days to prove that we help you transform your life and you’ll never look back! Imagine feeling better about yourself, experiencing the lasting health benefits of exercise, and substantially more energy so you can enjoy family time, play with your kids and set a positive example for them for many, many years to come.

What Are You Waiting For?

You’re about to get over $100 of value for $21.

21 days of expert fitness advice, community, support, fitness classes—a complete UNLIMITED membership for $1 per day.

The risk is completely on us, it’s such a good deal that we aren’t even going to make money on it!

Spaces ARE Limited

We expect that many members of our local community are going to take advantage of this amazing limited time offer.

While we want to help as many people as possible, space is limited. Because we want to keep the quality of our guidance, support, and services as high as possible, we can’t take everyone. You need to sign up right now to guarantee that this special $1 per day deal is still available.

In Strength & Health,







*Offer Valid for First Time trial members ONLY*

Program Descriptions:

Butts & Guts Boot Camp – Target those stubborn problem areas – the butt & the belly – in this fast paced strength training based boot camp-style class. Our largest classes, designed to be easily scaled to any and every fitness level to give you the best workout possible to start your day the right way!

Boxing/MMA Class – (Begins Saturday June 14th at 10am) “Non-contact” only means you’re not taking or dodging punches. But you WILL be delivering them! Embrace your inner warrior, release frustrations, beat stress, and sculpt your lean, mean and fight ready body as you hit the heavy bag, carry odd objects, use battling ropes, kettlebells and train like your about to enter the ring for the fight of your life. (All participants required to take a Saturday morning skills & introductory class to learn moves and techniques before beginning class.)

Small Group Personal Training – The benefits of personal training, without the $1,000.month price tag. Groups of 4-12 like-minded adults getting stronger, leaner, and finally enjoying the results you dream of when you sign up for a gym membership.

1-on-1 Personal Training – The ultimate training experience. Get 100% customized training programs and the gym completely to yourself. Email for pricing and scheduling options.