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Take Your Performance To New Heights This Season…

When it comes to competing in sports today, to be simply “in the game” isn’t good enough anymore. It takes more than raw talent and passion for your sport. It takes more than the best equipment, shoes or moisture-wicking jersey.  While all of that is certainly helpful, your chances of making it to the next level—whether that means going to the college of your choice, going pro, or simply showing your friends and competition on the field what it means to truly be the best—you need the proper training. You need to hone the skills crucial to being an elite athlete.

Discover The Results That Your School Gym Can’t Deliver

You might be saying, “But I have a gym at school, and that’s good enough for me.”

BUT if you’re interested in competing—and I mean competing on a serious level—you need more than what your school gym has to offer. It doesn’t have the equipment. The coaches and teachers don’t have the expertise. And between you and the hundreds of other students they have to deal with, you’ll never receive the attention that you need to progress and reach your peak potential.

The solution is simple—join the athletic performance training program at the House of Strength. [LINK to sign up]

Our Athletes Go To The Colleges Of Their Choice—Sometimes Even With A Full Ride…

What does our program have to offer? Improvement now, achievement later.

At the House of Strength, we take athletes from a range of ages—from 3rd and 4th grade to middle school, high school, and college—and take their existing drive and talent and hone it to perfection.

At the House of Strength, you will:

  • Get faster, build explosive power, pack on solid – LEAN muscle, and become as agile as a rabbit! All of which leads to…
  • Playing Better
  • Getting More Playing Time
  • Winning more.
  • Having more fun.
  • And getting more attention—locally, from scholarship programs and colleges, and even the pros.

All of this adds up to one thing—success at the game or sport that you love, and potentially an education or even a career to set up the life you envision for yourself.

No Other Program In The Region Offers The Same Results

At House of Strength, we deliver results. For some, that might simply mean more muscle, greater speed, power, and agility, and a better all-around sense of health and fitness. For others, that can mean a full-ride scholarship to the college of their choice—that could be you!

The athletes we train regularly sign with colleges and universities all over the country, often with full scholarship packages, and it doesn’t get much better than that—you’re strong, fit, healthy, playing the sport you love, and your school is paid for. For many, that’s a dream come true. What’s your dream?

House Of Strength Won’t JUST Change The Way You Play The Game – We’ll Change YOUR LIFE!

At the House of Strength, we provide everything you need to get faster, develop game-changing POWER, pack on lean muscle, and develop the mind of a winner. From barbells to bodyweight moves, kettlebells to Strongman training, and every other tool in our toolbox, we provide everything necessary to elevate YOU and your game to a whole new level.

We offer an array of training programs and services to help you achieve your athletic goals. Whether that means getting personal training in small group sessions, working with your entire baseball, softball, football, basketball, or lacrosse team (in or off season), providing highly personalized 1-on-1 training, or nutrition consultation and help building a diet plan, the House of Strength team brings it all and more.

We’ve Sent Countless Athletes To The College Of Their Choice

We help our athletes ACHIEVE, PERIOD. Take a look at just a couple of the students we helped achieve their athletic—and along with it their educational—dreams by earning full-ride scholarships:

Scroll down the sidebar to the right and check out those smiling faces and top colleges…Chance Hall—Football scholarship to the University of Tennessee, Morgan Bruce—Softball scholarship to Ole Miss, Madison Via—Softball scholarship to Liberty University, Brooke Trappuzanno—Softball scholarship to Radford University,Joseph Clifton—Lacrosse scholarship to Ferrum University. And there many, many more…WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?

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