Lessons From Wake Forest Strength Clinic

In January, I went to Wake Forest University for their annual Strength Coach’s Clinic. Their head strength coach Ethan Reeve is highly regarded as an industry leader and has hosted this event for many years. As you might expect, there was A TON of valuable information presented. Here are the highlights…

Easy Recipe For Eating On The Run

We’ve shared a lot of delicious and easy to make recipes. This one is the easiest and fastest of them all! Meet the 3 ingredient turkey roll up from Chef Dan Vogt.

Eating right is hard enough at home. But throw in some travel, disrupt your normal routine, and GOOD LUCKstaying on track!

With this EASY recipe from Chef Dan you can always have an...

Big Brothers & Big Sisters Over The Edge

House Of Strength is going Over The Edge with Roanoke’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters program! You can help this great cause AND send us Over The Edge of the Patrick Henry Hotel on May 2nd. Read on to see how.


Over The Edge is really cool fundraiser for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program of Roanoke and all of Southwest Virginia. The concept...

Paleo Cauliflower Rice Recipe

This Paleo-inspired cauliflower rice recipe allows you to enjoy “ALL the flavor, with none of the guilt” as Chef Dan Vogt says. Keep reading to see how you can make this gluten-free, low carb, healthy cauliflower rice dish in minutes.



House Of Strength BBQ on Fox 21/27 TV News

House of Strength owner Ryan Munsey was back on the news yesterday! This time Fox 21/27 came to the gym to record a segment on healthy BBQ recipes and tips to stay healthy at your summer cookout. See the video below.

A Roanoke native and owner of House Of Strength gym, Ryan is a HUGE fan of barbecue, so finding a way to enjoy this southern staple was a must when...

Orange Chili Mint Salmon

By this point, I know that you know salmon is one of the healthiest foods on Earth. But if like the average person, you’re tired of the same old salmon recipe. Thankfully, Chef Dan Vogt’s orange chili mint salmon is Paleo-friendly, healthy, simple to make, tastes delicious, and best of all – lends a fresh take on a healthy standby.

How To: Get More Power Today

Every athlete wants more strength and more power. Today, we’ll teach you the difference AND reveal the fastest way to build elite-level POWER for full body explosiveness! Before you begin developing these game-changing abilities, it is important to know the difference between strength and power, two words that are often confused and misused. Let’s start with strength,...

The Hardest “Sit-Up” Ever

In the weight room, in life, and in sports, the “core’s” main function is to stabilize the body, prevent motion, and transfer force.

Why then, do 99% of “ab” exercises involve crunching, sitting up, or otherwise MOVING that region? Short answer – because most people only focus on the rectus abdominis – the “six-pack” muscle. Yep, it’s ONE big...

The Arena – Theodore Roosevelt

Yesterday I was sitting in the waiting area of the tire & oil change station. It was one of those way too small rooms, with the smell of burnt coffee and an old small TV that everyone watches but can’t change the channel. The channel was on ESPN 2 or something and they were showing some skateboard competition.

I really wasn’t paying too much attention – I was using their...

5 Best Exercises For Explosive Power

It’s the Holy Grail of ultimate human performance – brute strength, lightning quick speed, and game-changing power – all displayed with jaw-dropping ease. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or “normal” mom, dad, or grandparent who traded in the Superman cape for Clark Kent clothes, we all want to look and feel capable of anything. Here are the 5 best exercises for...