Fit Friday Fitness Tips With WDBJ-7

You don’t have to be perfect. Nobody is! But you do need to be doing SOME sort of exercise – no matter who you are or what goals you have. WDBJ-7 came to House Of Strength yesterday for Fit Friday to talk about that very issue. Check out the video for more information and some must-see fitness tips!

It’s easy to get hung up on perfection. It’s normal, natural and happens to nearly all of us – I’m as guilty as anyone. But we ALL need to remember that nobody or no thing is perfect. And focusing on perfection can be detrimental…focusing on perfection can make any aspiration seem like a daunting and impossible task. But even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Springsteen began as bumbling newbies! That’s why we focus on progress – not perfection.

No matter where we are, we should all strive to do something – just one thing – each day to move forward and inch closer to a better tomorrow. Repeated over time, these daily progressions add up to some serious achievement. It’s called the compound effect – and it’s the secret to success in any endeavor!

Lean in close, here it is: the secret to success is long-term consistency. It means showing up, doing the little things that seem boring, mundane, and un-important. But show me someone who does 100 perfect push-ups and 50 pull-ups every single day and I’ll show you a strong, healthy, fit individual. And this video will show you how you can get there – one step at a time!