How To Get Stronger – INSTANTLY!

Add instant pounds to your lifts!

Develop powerful grip strength!

Learn a crucial step to gaining full body tension, so you can OWN your body, the weights, and your performance!


No, I’m not talking about anything food related, x-rays or anything that normally comes to mind when one thinks of radiation. I am talking about how to instantly add pounds to your bench press, squat, deadlift and anything else you do in the weight room, with 1 tip.

Yes, this one tip is universal with proven results!

I am talking about irradiation. This has helped me, and everybody I train instantly feel like they control the weight, and add pounds to everything they were doing. After all, you need to control the weight, not have it control you.


Irradition helped HOS athlete Akie Williams squat 500lbs and bench 315 at a body weight of 190!

So WHAT IS Irradiation?

The easiest an simplest way to describe what irradiation is, is that you can add more tension to a specific muscle by contracting all of the surrounding muscles as well. This will ultimately help teach you how to get full body tension.

Think about it, if you start with one muscle, and contract all the muscles around that, one of the ways to get those muscles even tighter is to contract the muscles around those, and then you get the point, it will lead to your whole body being as tight as it can very fast.

Ever seen those guys in the gym that are doing their lifts with open hands on a bar, or even guys who perform squats without having their hands on the bar at all, but simply draping their arms over the bar to hold it in place? I think we all have seen those people, and even been there at one point in time.  Well, unfortunately for anybody who is guilty of this, they are losing out an those all important extra pounds in their lifts. Are YOU?

If you know you are doing this, then STOP RIGHT NOW. Whatever lift it is that you are performing next time you are in the gym, I want you to grip the bar as hard as you can. Not some half ass grip either, I always tell the people I train to act like there is a prize for crushing the bar (and there is, It means you are awesome!). I mean you should see white knuckles you are gripping the bar so hard. This also is not restricted to just barbell lifts either, its ANY strength training movement you perform. (dumbbell bench press, dumbbell curls, tricep pressdowns, lat pulldowns, etc.)

A simple tip to show how this works, that you can do right now wherever you are! I want you to flex your bicep with an open hand as hard as you can, then I want you to make a really tight fist like you are about to punch somebody and notice how the significantly increased amount of tension that it created on your bicep by contracting your forearm muscles. The last step I want you to do after your fist is tight, contract your pec (chest muscle) on that side and notice that it gets even tighter. That is irradiation and how it works!

Now, get in the weight room and set some new personal bests!

– Coach Tyler Perdue, CPPS