HOS Podcast: 008 Michael Jordan The Life By Roland Lazenby

Roland Lazenby, author of Michael Jordan: The Life, joins the House Of Strength Podcast for a special episode today. Numerous books have covered this basketball icon, but only Lazenby’s Michael Jordan: The Life tells the whole story. Hear Roland’s insights, unique stories, and behind the scenes training and nutrition details right here on Episode 008 of the HOS Podcast!

With over 60 published books and nearly 21 years experience as a college professor at Radford University and Virginia Tech, Roland Lazenby is a man with unique experiences and insights. He’s followed Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers. He’s done the same with Larry Byrd and his Celtics, then Isiah Thomas and the Pistons. He was hired by the CHicago Tribune in 1993 to follow the Bulls and publish a book on Michael Jordan. His famous subjects also Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas, and Jerry West. And now he’s come full circle with this month’s opus Michael Jordan: The Life.

Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and prepare to hear stories about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls from a man who was riding shotgun for the whole journey.

What You’ll Hear

  • 0:07 = Meet Roland Lazenby!
  • 1:55 = Why Michael Jordan: The Life is different than anything you’ve ever read on MJ
  • 3:00 = The secret to stopping MJ (hint: get strong!)
  • 4:25 = The whole story hadn’t been told…
  • 5:48 = From State MVP to benchwarmer in 1 year (hint: get stronger!)
  • 8:11 = Why recruiting hype (or lack of) for high school athletes means nothing…
  • 10:30 = The winningest team in NBA history was also the best conditioned team in the history of sports
  • 12:05 = “The Breakfast Club” and Jordan’s training plan
  • 14:30 = How Jordan’s training regimen took him from good to greatest of all time
  • 17:14 = So how were Jordan and the Bulls eating?
  • 19:28 = How you can be like Mike – mental training
  • 21:40 = Peak performance is about being present in the moment
  • 23:27 = Why we use The Warrior Warmup on special occasions at HOS (similar to MJ’s pre-game ritual)
  • 25:34 = Michael Jordan the moonshiner??
  • 26:48 = Accessing “the zone” on command
  • 28:30 = Did I really just call Michael Jordan an asshole?
  • 29:53 = Jordan wanted to sign with Adidas – NOT NIKE!!
  • 31:30 = Jordan also wanted to go to UVA – not UNC.
  • 32:13 = More of Roland and get your copy of the book
  • 33:29 = The 1-2 Close – AWESOME advice from a man who has enjoyed a successful & amazing journey