HOS Podcast 014: Strongman Athlete Nia Llenas

Nia Llenas is STRONG – in fact she’s placed in the Top-10 TWICE recently at national and international-level Strongman contests – and now she’s on Episode 14 of the HOS Podcast. Be sure to catch this episode to hear training and nutrition secrets of an elite level strongman competitor, why women should lift heavy, and the value of a strong support group.

I’ve known Nia since House Of Strength was still inside the underground powerlifting & strongman Roanoke Barbell Club. As you’ll hear in the podcast Nia and I began working together on her nutrition as she prepared for her first powerlifting meet. She succesfully lost over 30 pounds and was stronger than ever for that meet. Now, almost 18 months later, Nia is an elite level Strongman athlete with Top 10 finishes at the 2013 North American Nationals and the 2014 Arnold (yes THE Arnold)!!

Nia loves Nia, food, lifting heavy stuff, trash talking, getting stronger than hell, and sharing her passion with YOU. Check it out…

What You’ll Hear:

  • 0:10 = Meet the 8th Strongest Woman On The Planet!
  • 0:37 = Nia’s Story
  • 2:50 = How “strongman training” can make YOU more USEFUL
  • 4:50 = Programming your training to make rapid and steady progress
  • 10:10 = Do the things you suck at
  • 12:10 = Nia’s Instagram is crazy! Here’s where to follow her
  • 12:50 = Benefits of lifting for women
  • 20:52 = Women, exercise, metabolism, and eating habits
  • 29:27 = Nia’s #1 “bio-hack” for success
  • 32:57 = Get YOUR Genome mapped!
  • 36:00 = The 1-2 Close With Nia
  • 41:09 = Shout-outs to Nia’s training partners and the awesome people at Roanoke Barbell Club