HOS Podcast 17: How To Eat Local w/Barefoot Farm

Everyone wants to eat better. So why don’t we? Well, the most common obstacles are time, convenience, and cost. But when you have the right strategy – and the right resources – eating right becomes easier than you ever imagined. In Episode 17 of the HOS we’re lucky enough to have 2 guests – Josh Deel from Barefoot Farm and Maureen Best from LEAP – to outline your perfect plan to acquire the healthiest food on Earth and still have the time and money to enjoy it!Let’s take a step back – I have to introduce you to Maureen Best, as she is the architect behind this and some future podcast episodes. Maureen is the executive director for LEAP (Local Environmental & Agricultural Project) and on today’s podcast (Episode 17), Maureen hooked us up with Josh who, along with his wife Lena, runs Barefoot Farm in New Castle, Virginia.

What You’ll Hear:

  • 0:10 = What the heck is LEAP?
  • 1:30 = Meet Barefoot Farm!
  • 2:30 = The agricultural system is killing local farmers and YOUR food!!
  • 5:10 = How factory farming affects your family’s health.
  • 8:50 = Why “box store farming” or  farming in “man’s image” obliterates the ecosystem…
  • 11:27 = What is permaculture?
  • 13:30 = In nature, things don’t exist in isolation
  • 14:55 = Sounds like over-training and under-recovering doesn’t it?!
  • 16:45 = Are your “free-range” egg REALLY free-range?
  • 19:50 = Every food dollar you spend is a vote. How can you make that vote easier & more budget friendly?
  • 23:45 = Baby steps with food – Check out this 10% or 25% plan.
  • 24:27 = Where can YOU find a farm & food like this near YOU?
  • 29:55 = Can we feed the world without the “factory farming” method?
  • 35:20 = Josh’s #1 piece of advice
  • 37:18 = Maureen’s amazing perspective on feeding the world!
  • 40:00 = Where can you get food from Josh & Barefoot Farm?
  • 41:56 = See what LEAP can do for you