HOS Podcast 18: Recruiting & College Scholarships

Only 3% of graduating high school seniors get scholarship offers to play their sport at the collegiate level. At House Of Strength, we’re drastically improving those odds for our high school athletes – by making them bigger, stronger, faster and more prepared for college athletics. And now, as you’ll hear in Episode 18 of the HOS, we’re even helping with the recruiting process!

Our very own HOS Coach and performance specialist Mark Whittington is now an NCAA & NAIA certified recruiting specialist working with Carolina Collegiate Recruiters to help guide high school athletes through the confusing and competitive process of getting recruited and earning a college scholarship.

What You’ll Hear:

  • 0:45 = How Mark & HOS can help you get recruited.
  • 2:30 = What YOU need beyond physical ability to earn a college scholarship?
  • 4:30 = So how does the recruiting process work?
  • 7:44 = Full Ride – Or your money back!
  • 8:52 = Top 5 Mistakes high school athletes & parents make in the recruiting process
  • 15:00 = Don’t wait until your Senior year to begin looking for scholarships- make it happen EARLY!
  • 20:15 = Why 26% (1 in every 4) of college athletes do not have scholarships after year 1.
  • 23:13 = Tips to help you get more recruiting offers
  • 35:19 = Don’t miss the FREE HOS Recruiting Evaluations
  • 41:21 = What to send Mark so he can help you get recruited
  • 41:59 = Mark’s advice to you