HOS Podcast 20: Natural Stacks Co-Founder Roy Krebs

Ever since the movie Limitless showcased the possibility of cognitive enhancement, nootropics have been one of the fastest growing supplements on the market. And today, Roy Krebs, the co-founder of Natrual Stacks – maker of CILTEP – is here to tell you how you too can become smarter, unlock YOUR unlimited brain power, and have the world at your fingertips. And he’s also going to shed some light on the supplement industry, and how YOU can ensure that you’re getting the best, safest, and most effective supplements possible.


Whoa, whoa, whoa…let’s back up a minute…

Did you say something about the Limitless pill being real?

YES I did! And that’s not all.

Check out all this good stuff you’re learning from CILTEP maker and Natural Stacks co-founder Roy Krebs in Episode 20 of the HOS Podcast…

What You’ll Hear:

  • 0:30 = The Limitless pill is REAL!
  • 4:49 = What is CILTEP?
  • 8:26 = Become a speed reader – and remember everything!
  • 12:12 = ADHD sufferers dropping or reducing their meds in favor of these nootropics
  • 14:13 = Did CILTEP really start on an “underground” online forum?
  • 18:35 = Are YOUR supplements hiding behind a “proprietary blend”?
  • 21:30 = Can you stack nootropics with other nootropics? (CILTEP + modafonil)
  • 24:06 = When to take your nootropics for maximal absorption & effect
  • 24:55 = How to eat to fuel your brain & “Limitless” potential (Hint: high carb, low fat is OUT!)
  • 27:33 = Roy & I discuss our personal workout & eating schedules
  • 30:58 = Is Body By Science right for you?
  • 35:22 = What Roy & Steven Segal have in common…
  • 37:44 = Roy’s favorite racetam
  • 40:03 = Choline for executive function, nervous system boost, even recovery.
  • 45:41 = Identify YOUR brain chemistry with this simple test. This is AWESOME!
  • 51:15 = How you’re feeling is really a snapshot of your current neurotransmitter levels. Here’s how to decode the message
  • 53:21 = How to tell if YOUR supplements are legit. (Including Natural Stacks’s Vitamin D & Magnesium)
  • 59:22 = A groundbreaking creatine product…finally FULL absorption of creatine by pairing with THIS mineral.
  • 1:03:36 = For the first time publicly, Natural Stacks introduces BCAA’s & Grass-Fed Protein!
  • 1:06:20 = You’re not getting THIS essential protein in your diet. What it is & how to fix it.
  • 1:11:55 = Natural Stacks BCAA’s – unlike YOUR BCAA’s, these are NOT made from human hair (vegetarian-approved!) or bird feathers!
  • 1:17:09 = Roy’s best advice for you…”Avoid the hassle & do cool things!”