Sorinex Summer Strong 8 – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Sorinex Summer Strong 8 Recap. You can see Part 1 HERE. In Part 2, we’ll hear from the Day 2 speakers, including Jud Logan, former Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols, University of South Carolina strength coach Joe Connolly, Underground Strength founder Zach Even-Esh, and Strongman athlete Derek Poundstone.

Jud Logan – US Olympic Hammer Thrower & Coach at Ashland University
6 keys to being a good coach:
  1. Find your light-giver.
  2. Be willing to be an explorer. (Say YES.)
  3. Find the gold standard in your industry (be persistent)
  4. Develop something that makes others want to be where you are (or get what you have) – athletes, system, fat loss, etc.
  5. Find the oracle. The all knowing mentor who can help you reach the top.
  6. Mentor someone else’s dream. Be part of their #1-5.
Jud Logan
USA Olympic Trials
Sacramento, Ca 7-14-23,2000
Photo: Brian J. Myers@Photo Run
  • A bad coach believed in is better than a good coach not believed in.
  • Champions are made when no one is watching.
  • What I have I gave. What you save is lost forever.

Talking with Jeff (on the left) & retired Marine Dan Ramsey of Sorinex on the right

JEFF NICHOLS – former Navy Seal & co-founder Virginia High Performance
  • High performance in mental and physical
  • Use patterning to create unconscious competence (CNS ) (think repetition in the weight room or in SEAL training)
  • High performance is preparation NOT WILL. Shit performance is NOT coincidental.
  • Brain is selfish and uses lots of energy. Fueling and nourishing it is crucial to optimal performance
  • Pain is telling you something is wrong. If you don’t fix, it will break and force you to fix it.
  • Enduring Physical stress (900# squat) is brain being desensitized to stressor
  • We got here through busting our ass. People want to buy or borrow that you. That don’t want to OWN the work
  • Injuries occur when you encounter resistance and you don’t have the ability to handle the stress.
  • Coaches don’t appeases clients. Make them better. Parents and people are TRUSTING you with their wellbeing.
“Posterior stability leads to optimal  expression of anterior power”Jeff Nichols
  • A note on recovery – Ignorance is a choice. Let’s stop being ignorant. Motrin and whiskey is not recovery.
  • Kansas BBall is not good be happenstance. The get good athletes AND they take care of them. Invest in them
  • Most performance enhancing “drug” = SLEEP
  • Turn your cellphone OFF at night and keep it more than 5-7 feet away from your bed.
  • We don’t train to get the best out of training. We train to get the best out of sport – or life.
  • Use Eucalyptus oil to down-regulate before bed.
Joe Connolly – University of South Carolina Strength Coach
  • A captain is only as good as his crew.
  • It’s not about what others think. It’s about what YOU think.
“The holy trinity = head, heart & nuts.”Joe Connolly
  • You are accountable for the passion you bring to each day and to each activity.
  • No substitute for strength. No excuse for lack of it
  • It’s about signaling. What are you signaling your body to do.
Zach Even-Esch – Underground Strength Gym
  • Environment sets the tone. We can create this. (Words on the wall at Underground set the tone)
  • All about 3 things: Culture. Intensity. Commitment
“He is best who is training in the toughest school.”Zach Even-Esh
  • As soon as things get the slightest bit uncomfortable, people bail out. (Kids dropping out of program because school, etc)
  • Human food chain. Where are you on it?
  • Leverage is key
  • Volume with strongman is like manual labor. It’s not CNS intensive, but it blows through calories and build massive muscle.
  • When flipping tires, think drive the tire across the ground, don’t flip it. HANDS OUTSIDE SHOULDERS to protect the biceps.
  • Cool set/rep setup = 3-4 x Tire flip + 4-5 squats
  • Shoulder press + sledge swings
  • Log: one of the best ways attach shoulders to body
  • High hips help clear knees with log, keg, stone or even barbell deadlift.
  • Tips on LOG PRESSING = Use a jump stance (feet at same width you’d have them for a vertical jump. Hips directly under shoulders when pressing. Knees out to get glutes involved on pull from floor. Wider feet ease low back on thicker or heavier logs.
“Do more work, burn more calories, eat Ben and Kerry’s every night like me.”Derek Poundstone
  • Viper press is taking log from lap position to overhead in one motion. Pump reps like a piston. No stopping! Do for max reps. It’s about 2 seconds on and then 1-2 off, so you’re recovering between reps. Use as “cardio” and volume for size. Try this as a finisher or just to build work capacity: Viper Press x 1 Minute for max reps.
  • Fall forward to move farmers. Don’t walk. Hover, don’t wobble or jar on the ground
  • Grip just back of center.