Sorinex Summer Strong 8 Recap

Last weekend, Sorinex hosted Summer Strong 8 in Coumbia, South Carolina with some of the world’s best and strongest people. Here is Part 1 of their secrets and tips.
Bert Sorin – Opening Remarks
  • You get out whatever you put in
  • Be a good dude
Andrea Hudy – Kansas Basketball Strength Coach
  • Create the culture from ground up (set of rules/code that everyone follows)
  • Competition – have your athletes compete OFTEN
  • If it matters : do it often – DAILY for things like mobility, sleep, eating right, etc.
  • How do you get people to listen to you? Demonstrate strength in morals, ethics, stamina, results, etc. LIVE THE CODE
  • Operate on those core values, show them and help others learn them
  • Fail. A lot
  • What’s your intent? Are you focused and being intentional? (WHY are you here? What is you purpose)
“It’s not what you have. It’s what you do with what you have.” Andrea Hudy
  • Athletic performance comes from the ground up and the hips out
  • 70% of sport is vertical force into ground (That’s why we need to squat and weightlift!)
  • The goal is to develop fluidity with repetition (focused and intentional)
  • We want to create master movers
  • Effective training doesn’t have to be fatiguing 
  • Strength = stiffness
  • Short ballistic movements create stiffness (hang cleans, tuck jumps, depth jumps, CATCHING the cleans)
  • DEPTH JUMPS are the most violent agility drill – and best way to increase ROFD. (Program carefully)
  • Great drill for ankle stability and creating stiffness = 1-leg jumps down stairs. Stick the landing.
  • Don’t roll BEFOREHAND. It loosens you up and creates opposite of stiffness. Roll after.
  • Injury is caused by being too much of the profile or not enough. Need specificity but also wide base. (too much of a good thing can be bad)
  • Stretching should decrease tension, not increase it. (Duh!)
  • The grind that everyone wants: nutrition, mobility, sleep, myofascial…should be a 4:1 ration to lifting. Is yours? Do you spend 4 hours on focused recovery for every hour you spend beating yourself up?
Ken Wong – Canadian Olympic Coach
  • If you’re going to do it, perform at highest level. HOW?
  • Make a wish list. Have goals to work towards and get better for your future
  • Are value added or are you taking space?
  • What do you bring to the table?
  • If you’re a coach you MUST have a voice. Be direct. Be want you want to be.
  • Clearly communicate expectations.
  • Develop a checklist
  • Work from easiest point you know to the hardest part (the goal) A to B. B to C. C to D. (Not A to Z in 1 step!)
  • What is your job? Are you doing it?
  • It’s LIFE. NOT sports, business, etc. it’s all interlocking
“You don’t have to use every ingredient in your kitchen to make a great meal. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to use it.” Ken Wong
Chad Wesley Smith – Juggernaut
  • Phase potentiation. 1 phase sets you up for success in ensuing phase.
  • Major mistake is all volume or all heavy all the time. (Need mix of both)
  • Off season goals are to increase variety, increase mass (improve body composition) and increase work capacity
  • No matter what pursuit, in athletics, the most muscle in any given weight class wins. (more muscle, less fat)
  • Work capacity (GPP) vs SPP. Work capacity for specific demands. For example: Crossfit & military gets GPP to prepare for anything, while Powerlifting gets SPP (specific physical preparation) to specialize in only 3 lifts.
“Don’t mimic people at the top. What they DID to get there is different than what they do now. The higher you are on the pyramid the more specific (less varied) your training becomes. ”  Chad Wesley Smith
  • Don’t get too specific before you have to.
  • Biggest lesson over last 5 years – learning to breathe and brace. Going from extension in lumbar spine to neutral.
  • Missed 1 rep and 2 reps in last 2 training cycles. Make HITTING LIFTS all you know how to do. (The training effect of 5-10lbs + the physiological, CNS, or stress of that extra weight.)
  • Training does not exist in a vacuum. Today’s training impacts tomorrow next week, etc
  • Take ownership of what you’re doing

Brandon Lilly – Juggernaut
  • Loyalty and family are everything
  • If it’s not in your heart, don’t do it
  • Surround yourself with love. Do things out of love, not fear.
  • Don’t live for other people’s approval
  • Give yourself time. Let your body heal.
  • Accept that you will be weak at times.
  • Progress. Just keep going