Upgraded Beef Pot Roast

Grass-fed, Paleo, Healthy, muscle-building, fat-stripping, performance-boosting, great tasting BEEF! Waiting patiently for you as it fills your home with the mouth-watering aroma that only slow-cooked meat can. Ready for you to devour the second you walk in the door…sound good? You ready? Good! Read on to make it happen!

The crock pot might be my favorite cooking vessel. I know what’s it like to try to eat healthy, Paleo, grass-fed and Bulletproof with a crazier than anyone would believe schedule. So it’s a nice treat to walk in the door and be met by a scent-wall of mouth watering crock pot goodness.

Here’s what you need to make it happen:

  • 4 pound grass-fed beef roast (like the kind you can get HERE or at a local Farmer’s Market)
  • 1 head Cabbage
  • 1/2 – 1 organic red onion
  • 2 C organic, free-range (low sodium) chicken broth
  • Black Pepper
  • Sea salt

Combine everything in slow cooker, turn on LOW for 7 hours and ENJOY! Seriously, it’s THAT EASY! No more excuses!